"Craft High Impact Copy FAST: 
Amazing Discovery Combines 
the Speed of AI With the Selling Power 
of Raw Human Emotion"

 Turn up your speakers and watch this!

"I've been familiar with Andy's work for more than 20 years and he's always put his name on some outstanding product and services. You're in good hands."

~ Joe Vitale, Author of The Attractor Factor, Zero Limits and countless others 

Read on if you want to Unlock the Secrets of 
Tomorrow's Copywriting, TODAY...

Introducing a groundbreaking, step-by-step system for easily humanizing your AI generated copy so you can...

  • Sell your products and services with the speed of AI while preserving your core beliefs, unique voice and personality
  • Set yourself apart from all the tired cliches and overused ChatGPT copy that everyone is using right now
  • ​Give your sales pages, emails, and website copy YOUR PERSONAL HUMAN TOUCH your audience deserves 

Read on if you want to write ANTI-GURU COPY that Preserves Your Unique Voice, Your Integrity and Your Self-Respect…

Introducing a groundbreaking, step-by-step system for easily crafting your own compelling, persuasive, hype-free copy so you can...

  •  Sell your products and services ethically, with greater ease and frequency
  • ​Use the tool of language to break through the communication barriers between you and your prospect.
  • ​Go beyond the hype-filled world of short-attention-span marketing and start selling with authenticity, integrity, and heart

Introducing the...

If you’re a coach, author, speaker or Content Creator and your New, "Lightning Fast" AI copy Just isn’t Feeling Right...

you are not alone.

It's daunting, isn't it? The sinking feeling that even though AI tools like ChatGPT are lightning fast, your copy still lacks that genuine, human touch.

Every new AI tool promises to craft the perfect message, but instead, leaves you with soulless words. 

It’s like a hollow shell of what your true, authentic content DESERVES TO BE!

After all, you pour your heart into your business, but these AI plugins, apps, and widgets just can't seem to capture your real emotions. 

They churn out content that’s almost... robotic.

It's too bad because AI really is amazing. But you MUST stay true to who you are, using words that truly speak to your audience. 

Here’s The Good News...

I've been spending long days and nights doing deep dive AI research for the past year, matching them up with my own work from my past 20 years of copywriting.

And after comparing AI outputs to human writing for every kind of copy: sales pages, emails, video scripts, social media ads, everything...


You're about to discover a copywriting system that goes way beyond other courses because it shows you how to actually HUMANIZE your AI copy. 

It's a system that takes the best parts of your AI creations and blends it with YOU, your unique essence, your distinct personality and the human emotions that only you can deliver.

In fact, it is the next step in your evolution as an entrepreneur and content creator.

How Do I Know This?

In my two-decade journey as a copywriter for thousands of happy clients, I've witnessed countless shifts in the industry. 

The rise of digital technology, the expansion of social media, and now, the dawning age of Artificial Intelligence. 

Through it all, one truth has remained – the unmatched power of human touch in writing your copy.

With the AI-to-Human Copywriting System, I've merged the profound strengths of AI with the irreplaceable essence of human emotion and creativity. 

It's a system crafted from 20 years of experience, tailored for those who want more than just the speed of AI.  It's for those who still seek the excellence in their copy.

You are going to learn how to write persuasive AI Generated copy in your own way, in your own voice, with your own unique passion and energy…
without all the tired AI cliches that are everywhere right now.

Here’s just a sneak peek of what you’ll discover:

  • ​​How to captivate your audience in an AI-driven world, tapping into emotional triggers that convert readers into raving fans.
  • ​10 ways to spot AI-written copy from a mile away (your potential buyers can spot it too)
  • ​How to leverage the ultimate 7 Secrets of AI-enhanced Copywriting, transforming every piece of content into a revenue-generating machine
  • ​How to masterfully blend AI precision with human touch, ensuring your sales copy isn't just read, but acted upon.
  • ​How to deploy actionable strategies, witnessing real-time boosts in engagement and sales through hands-on exercises.
  • ​How to rise above the digital noise, crafting authentic messages that don't just attract, but magnetically pull your audience to the checkout button.
  • ​How to decode the hidden psychology behind every purchase, ensuring your copy hits those profit-driving hot buttons every time.
  • ​How to revolutionize your copy, combining age-old copywriting wisdom with AI's unmatched efficiency for explosive sales results.
  • ​How to fine-tune even the most advanced AI outputs, transforming robotic words into compelling narratives that fill your sales funnel.
  • ​How to navigate and conquer today's digital market, fusing AI's speed with the irreplaceable warmth of genuine human emotion.
  • ​How to consistently stand out, ensuring every word not only resonates but also generates actual sales.

And much more, including dozens of never-before-seen prompts, worksheets for every module, monthly done-with-you live workshops and even ongoing course updates!

Confession: I’m Nervous About This

I just saw a big copywriting guru release his program. It’s really slick. He writes for all the big names and probably makes millions.
And it’s true, those big-time copywriters charge $10,000 to $50,000 to write one sales page.
But you know what?
I know everything they do.
I have all the same secrets, the same strategies, the same formulas, everything.
That’s why I’m nervous. I’m about to reveal all the stuff that they charge their high-end clients a fortune for.

But you deserve to know

There’s no reason you should have to pay up the nose for someone to write copy that you can easily do yourself.
And just to make sure you use this material to its fullest potential--I’m going to personally help you write it!
I’m adding Live Interactive “Office Hours” sessions to this package.
You’ll send me what you’ve worked on, and I’ll go over it with you, screen sharing and making revisions in real time.

The AI-to-Human Copywriting System is the missing piece of your AI puzzle 
(no one is talking about this stuff!)

I just saw a big copywriting guru release his AI program. It’s really slick. He writes for all the big names and probably makes millions.

In fact, ALL the gurus are all-in on AI right now. It's literally everywhere.
But you know what?
They are missing the biggest ingredient to your AI success:

That's right. YOU are the ONLY ONE who can infuse your uniqueness into AI's machine outputs.

And just to make sure you use this material to its fullest potential--I’m going to personally help you with it!
I’m adding Live Monthly Done-With-You Workshops to this package.
You’ll send me what you’ve worked on, and I’ll go over it with you, screen sharing and making revisions in real time.

WARNING: Teaching ChatGPT to 
"Write in Your Voice" Isn't Enough!

You've heard the buzz — "AI can mimic your writing style, replicate your voice, and churn out content at speeds unimaginable."

And while personalizing an AI's output to match your voice and style is impressive, is it truly effective?

The reality is, authentic copywriting is more than just mimicking a style or voice. It's about resonating with your audience, sparking emotions, and driving action. 

It's about understanding the nuances of human psychology, the triggers that prompt decisions, and the art of persuasion.

In this course, we don't just stop at teaching an AI to speak like you. 

We go a GIANT step further:

Emotion Over Automation: Dive deep into how to infuse every piece of AI-generated content with genuine emotion that strikes a chord with your readers.

Beyond The Voice: Unearth techniques to amplify your unique voice with persuasive tactics that encourage conversions and build lasting connections.

The Human Touch: Learn how to seamlessly blend AI's efficiency with the irreplaceable warmth and understanding of human communication.

Don't settle for AI that just sounds like you. Aim for AI-enhanced copy that truly resonates, persuades, and converts — all while keeping the essence of who you are intact.

"I Finally Have The Confidence To Show Up In Written Form Like Never Before!"

"Before working with Andy, I was grappling with sharing my own unique "brand story" and celebrating my accomplishments as a global human resources leader. I didn't quite understand how to link my brand to MY story until I met Andy...

After attending a two-day session with Andy, I'm now stepping into uniquely sharing MY story with a level of ease and grace. Andy is outstanding! I finally have the confidence to show up in written form like never before! 

If you are thinking about hiring someone to help you with your email copy, Andy is your person! I would HIGHLY recommend working with him because he's the real deal. 

--Audra Christie, Founder & CEO, Mindset Change Coaching, LLC

The AI-to-Human Copywriting System will show you how to write your AI copy in a way that showcases your real essence, personality, and mission.
But it’s also about making sales, because you have a business to run, goals to achieve and dreams to fulfill.

It's all based on my proprietary 5-Step H.E.A.R.T. Humanization Method that I will reveal to you in the program.

Here’s the Course Outline:

Module 1: The Importance of a Human Touch 

-Discover how to tap into the emotional core of your audience, even when AI-driven outputs threaten to dilute the essence of genuine human connection.

-The H.E.A.R.T. Method Revealed: Your blueprint to blending AI efficiency with soulful, emotion-charged copy that not only speaks but deeply resonates.

-Uncover the difference between AI copy and human copy, and learn how to merge the two for amazing results.

-Realize the vast potential of humanized copy in driving sales and fostering brand loyalty

Module 2: The 7 AI-to-Human Copy Secrets

-Unlock the transformational strategies that merge AI precision with the art of persuasion.

-Discover how to elevate every piece of content, turning it into a revenue-generating masterpiece.

-Dive into the most guarded persuasion secrets, ensuring your copy always stands head and shoulders above the rest.

-Gain the competitive edge by synergizing AI's data-driven insights with authentic, compelling stories your buyers will love.

Module 3: Humanizing AI Outputs to Boost Sales

-Master the art of refining AI suggestions, crafting copy that not just engages but compels action.

-Learn the formula behind today's top-performing sales copy, harnessing both tech and touch.

-Unlock the secrets of blending AI capabilities with a genuine human appeal, driving your conversions through the roof.

-Transform AI-generated content from bland to brilliant, ensuring maximum sales impact.

Module 4: Putting Your AI to Human Copy Skills to Work

-Dive into hands-on exercises that let you witness the direct sales impact of your enhanced copy.

-Get real-world practice, applying your skills in diverse scenarios and reaping the benefits.

-Navigate the practical challenges of digital sales copy, ensuring you're always on top of your game.

-Witness firsthand the difference AI-enhanced, human-crafted copy can make in driving your revenue goals.

Module 5: Mastering Authenticity

-Delve into the heart of authenticity, ensuring your copy always stands out in a sea of digital noise.

-Explore the nuances of genuine, heartfelt communication, amplified by AI's incredible abilities.

-Learn how to infuse every word with authenticity, drawing customers in and skyrocketing your conversions.

-Discover the secrets behind authentic content that doesn't just inform but magnetically pulls readers towards a purchase.

By the end of this course you’ll be:

  •  Effortlessly blending your AI outputs with your unique human touch, creating copy that not only stands out but dramatically boosts conversions.
  • Equipped with the secret strategies of top-tier copywriters, ready to transform any piece of content into a revenue-generating powerhouse.
  • A master at navigating the digital sales landscape, merging tech and authenticity to engage, compel, and convert readers like never before.
  • Confidently standing at the forefront of the AI-to-human copy revolution, ready to lead your brand and business to unprecedented success.

What Makes This Different From Other Courses Out There?

In a world where AI courses are sprouting up left, right, and center, you might wonder: "What sets this one apart?"

1. Human-Centric Approach: While many courses are quick to dive headfirst into the intricacies of AI, we prioritize the essence of human emotion and connection with the proprietary H.E.A.R.T. AI Humanization Method. 

This ensures that you never lose sight of the irreplaceable human touch, even while leveraging cutting-edge AI tools.

2. Decades of Copywriting Experience: You'll be guided by a copywriting expert with over 20 years in the trenches, this isn't just a tech course — it's a masterclass in persuasive, emotion-driven copy, amplified by the genius of AI.

3. Practical, Hands-on Application: We don't believe in just theory. With real-world scenarios and actionable exercises, you'll be putting your skills to the test and witnessing tangible results in real-time. It's all about implementation.

4. Seamless Integration of Two Worlds: Many courses either focus solely on the art of copywriting or the tech side of AI. Here, we bridge the gap, offering a holistic approach that ensures you're adept at marrying the best of both worlds for maximum sales impact.

5. Community & Support: You're not just getting a course; you're joining a community. A network of like-minded individuals, all on the same transformative journey. Plus, with consistent support and feedback, you're never alone in your journey.

In essence, this course isn't just about riding the AI wave; it's about pioneering a new way of copywriting, one that's poised to redefine the industry. Let's blaze this trail together.

  • The classic secrets of the copywriting masters of the past 60 years
  • The copy methods that are working RIGHT NOW (minus the hype)
  •  My proprietary Persuasion Protocol that I use exclusively for my private clients

This course is the culmination of:

-20 years of copywriting work with thousands of clients

-10 months of AI-to-Human research and development

-Daily, in-the-trenches work in a very crowded AI industry

And now, for the first time ever,
 you will gain access to everything.

Plus you get $7,000 in Big-Ticket Bonus Gifts:

To help make this a no brainer and ensure your success LONG TERM, 
I’m going to give you the following BONUS GIFTS:

BONUS 1# My Private Prompt Vault

Never before released!
You get exclusive prompts for:
​•Video scripts
•Opt-in pages
​•Email nurture sequences
•Emails to “break the ice” with JV partners
•Video series emails
•Webinar funnel emails
​•Integrity-rich sales emails
​•Product launch emails
($2,000 value)

BONUS #2 I Will Review Your AI-to-Human Copy in LIVE Monthly Done-With-You Workshops

You will have direct access to me in Live Monthly Workshops where I will review and revise your copy in real time.

We will work together to make your copy the best it can be. ($3,000 value)

BONUS #3 Watch me write an entire sales page from scratch in a LIVE AI-to-Human Writing Summit 

During this upcoming 2-hour live event you will see me work from a blank page using ChatGPT and my own human intuition, with a high impact sales page as the end result. 

You'll discover how to craft the right headline, sub headline, intro text, story elements, features, benefits, call to action, urgency, emotional impact, guarantee and even video scripting.
($2,000 value)

And just to keep you on track you’ll also get…

BONUS #4 Private email access

You will gain access to my private email address so you can send me your work for my review and feedback.

If you ever get stuck or aren't sure how to humanize your AI copy, I'm just an email away!

BONUS #5 Ongoing Course Updates

With AI constantly evolving, it will be critical to get updates on this material. 

You will automatically receive new versions of this course every time I release an update.

So how much for all of this?

Well first, let’s figure out what it would cost to hire me to put together just one persuasive sales page. 

It’s usually at least $5,000

In the AI-to-Human Copywriting System you get all the step-by-step instructions on how to give your AI generated copy the right human touch again and again. 

I'll show you how to apply the H.E.A.R.T. Humanization Method for your: sales pages, full websites, emails, opt-in pages, social media posts and ads, and more.  

This is priceless info right now, because no one is teaching it!

You get:

--The entire AI-to-Human Copywriting System video collection 

--Action Packed video demonstrations on the H.E.A.R.T. Humanization Method

--Detailed step-by-step worksheets for every one of the 5 Modules

--All the AI prompts you need to make this as easy as possible

PLUS the $7,000 in Big Ticket Bonuses including Live Monthly Workshops, my Prompt Vault, FREE AI-to-Human Writing Summit admission and much more!

The regular investment for the AI-to-Human Copywriting System is just a small investment of $1,495...BUT...

...since I'm looking for early adopters for case studies and testimonials YOUR deeply discounted investment is (drum roll please)..... 

   JUST $495  

You Are Protected By My No Questions Asked Guarantee: 

I’m so confident that you’ll love this program that I’m going to assume all risk.
Here is my rock solid, no questions asked GUARANTEE.
You will come away from this experience filled with so many ideas, new writing skills and A-Ha moments than you ever imagined.
You will be blown away by the content of the 5-module course, the LIVE Monthly Workshops, all the worksheets, and the Prompt vault.
You have my personal assurance of that.
If you don’t feel you got more than your money’s worth at any time just let me know and I will cheerfully refund every cent. 
No hard feelings, no questions, no worries.
Fair enough?
Start adding the human touch to your AI results with persuasion, confidence, and skill. The world is waiting for you to make your mark. I’ll help you get there.
To Your Success,

P.S. I’ve stood by long enough and watched as folks just cut and paste their AI copy without realizing that PEOPLE CAN TELL and it's a huge turnoff. You deserve to know these AI humanization secrets.

P.P.S. I’m going to show you how to write your AI copy in your own way, in your own voice, with your own unique passion and emotions.

You will discover the exact type of language to use so that people feel good about working with you.

Why? Because they will feel your truthful energy in the words you use.  I see this all the time with my clients.

P.P.P.S. There is zero risk for you here. Check out the lessons, attend the workshop, and if you think they’re not for you, any time and for any reason, just let me know and I’ll give you your money back, no questions asked. 

Ready to join me? 

Take A Look At What Others Have Said:

 "his commitment level exceeded our expectations"

Andy is a highly skilled copywriter who has helped us tremendously with creating valuable and engaging emails for our newsletter list. Andy put a lot of care into the copy he created, and his commitment level exceeded our expectations. We could always rely on Andy to deliver great copy on time. His level of professionalism and intimate knowledge of our industry really sets him apart from other copywriters. Thank you, Andy, for all your help! 

- Bill Baren, Visionary Alchemist, President and CEO, The Big Shift

 "I must say that he strives for 100% perfection"

"Andy O'Bryan and I have worked together on numerous projects, and I must say that he strives for 100% perfection. Andy's determination to succeed and level of integrity gives him the competitive edge that he needs to always be on top of his game. I am truly confident in my business relationship with Andy and highly recommend his services."

~ John Di Lemme, Motivational Speaker, Strategic Business Coach

"He Understands The Essence Of The Coaching Culture And How To Reflect It In The Written Word."

"I knew good copywriting skills were essential to a having a successful business and had started educating myself, wanting to stay away from the sale-hype language that we often see in the internet world. Then I heard Andy give a seminar on copywriting for coaches, and I knew taking his program would be ideal. Contrary to many copywriters, he understands the essence of the coaching culture and how to reflect it in the written word. He show us what works and what doesn't for our specific clientele with specific examples and suggestions. Highly valuable learning that I can use every time I create a new product, joint venture, program or course."

~Helene Desruisseaux, Purposeful Business Designer

 "You can't go wrong working with Andy to grow your coaching business."

"Andy has been instrumental in helping me set up my marketing strategy to get coaching clients using Internet marketing. As we worked on creating a sales page for my group coaching business, Andy was always available for wise counsel and advice. I found that he was always available by email and even by phone for consultations; I am sure he clocked much more time for me that I paid for. But that's the sign of a great coach and teacher – under-promise and over-deliver. You can't go wrong working with Andy to grow your coaching business."

~ Henri Schauffler, CEO, Schauffler Associates LLC

"when I work with Andy my expectation are ALWAYS blown out of the water."

"I know what goes into creating a great website or web page, yet when I work with Andy my expectation are ALWAYS blown out of the water. Not only does Andy spend time to really dig and find out what the website or page needs to deliver, but then he writes ALL the killer copy and then takes care of the most amazing web design work as well.
I really feel like the Law of Attraction has outdone itself yet again when I found Andy. I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND Andy, his work and his integrity for ANY project. I am extremely thankful for our relationship and I hope to work with Andy for many years to come."

~ Shelby Collinge 

"His common sense approach to internet marketing helped me build my business"

"Andy O’Bryan is a great help to me. His common sense approach to internet marketing has helped me build my business and make my latest book “Straight Talk for Success,” an Amazon.com bestseller. Andy also writes some killer copy. His press releases are works of art. Finally, and very important, Andy is a good guy; easy to talk to, always available and willing to go the extra mile for his clients. I highly recommend Andy O’Bryan to anyone interested in building an online business or who has copywriting needs."

~ Bud Bilanich, The Common Sense Guy

"A Highly Valuable Investment for Your Business"

If you need help writing your sales page, an opt-in page, or an email nurturing sequence, I recommend you check out Andy O'Bryan's copywriting workshops. I participated in Andy's email nurture sequence workshop. It was a fabulous way to get just in time copywriting expertise and non-judgmental feedback on your writing. Spending a chunk of focused time to get this kind of work done with Andy will accelerate your project and you'll get personalized coaching along with templates to kick start your writing. A few of Andy's tweaks here and there will certainly improve your content and your results. A highly valuable investment for your business.

~ Denise Wakeman, Online Marketing & Visibility Consultant at DeniseWakeman.com

"Andy O'Bryan is the real deal"

"Andy O'Bryan is the real deal. If you need copywriting done in a quick, professional, and one-of-a-kind way, then you should look no further than Andy. Thanks to two projects he worked on for me, I was able to land 3 lucrative clients that will result in over 10 times what I paid him for the work he did for me. I give him my highest recommendation!"

~ Jay Platt, Adventurer, Speaker, Author, Coach

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